About Us

Mybeanbag.ca might very well be the first Canadian e-commerce retailer to focus exclusively on the Beanbag Chair for the tween and adult market. Over the past several years, we determined that great beanbag chairs could be found on many American websites but none of these e-commerce retailers would ship to Canada. This was the inspiration behind the creation of www.mybeanbag.ca.

We challenge ourselves every season to create and manufacture the most durable, fashionable and comfortable beanbag chairs in the market. It seems that we are definitely doing something right as we have become known as one of the leaders in the manufacture and production of beanbag chairs and soft seating across North America. Since the year 2000 we have been shipping beanbag chairs to retailers large and small in Europe and the USA. Now, we are bringing the beanbag chair back home to our Canadian customers – thanks to all of you who have been very patient over the past year or so – waiting for us to get up and running.

We are constantly creating and developing new styles and using new fabrics. In 2006 we created the iBeanbag™ chair wherein you can plug in any audio device to hear over 20 Watts of sound (with a subwoofer to boot). In 2008 we introduced the fun fur beanbag in many luxurious fabrics and styles. This past year we have been working on lounge seating. Can you imagine a beanbag sectional? Hey, so could we! Check it out on our website. And coming for Spring/Summer 2016 we will have a full range out outdoor beanbags and floor pillows to use and enjoy around your pool or on your deck.

Take a look at our full assortment of beanbag chairs where you will be sure to find various styles and fabrications to suit every room in your home.

For more information, send us an email to info@mybeanbag.ca