I just wanted to say the bean bag arrived well in time for Christmas. My niece was so happy l, she slept in it for 2 days. Thank you
Fantastic customer service, fast shipping, and high quality, well done!!!
I have received nothing but great service, support, and products from mybeanbag. We decided to get a beanbag for one of our kids, which turned into two, and then three - one for each of them. We got 2 youth and 1 full sized pear-shaped beanbags and they have gotten a TON of use and look as good as new. Our kids are 3, 7, and 11 and drag them from basement to living room to bedroom with reasonable ease. When we ordered the first three, the company was very responsive via email but it wasn't until the most recent order that they really went above and beyond. We decided to get my niece one for her birthday - a pink chair - and ordered it. After a couple weeks, we asked my sister in law if she'd gotten it - nothing. So I reached out to the company and got a nearly immediate response, with a photo of the tracking information - it was mailed out the same day the purchase was made. But the shipper said that it was an unknown address and was returned to their shipping center, where it was sitting. This is not unusual as my sister in law has a rural address. Mybeanbag was on the phone immediately with the shipper and it was mailed out that day to my mother in law, who lives in a city. It was shipped out that day, but the shipping company made another error on the delivery - marking it delivered but it was not received. Mybeanbag was on the phone again, and I got a call from them and they said they were on it. The beanbag was sitting on my mother in law's porch the next day! It's a great product - durable and comfy. And the customer support we received was stellar in all of our purchases - but especially the last one which they had to hustle to find out what happened, which was made even tougher with COVID and the shipping company problems across the industry. We've been stuck inside for a while now, like most, and the beanbags have really been a great purchase for the kids, giving them something comfy and cozy to enjoy.
Jonathan Ardent
We are very pleased with the quality and service of the my bean bag. I had ordered one bean bag chair for my daughter for her birthday.. but it took us some time to order. I wroke a personal email to the company to deliver it befor Christmas.. for my little girl, and they went an extra mile to immediately dispatch it and make sure we get it one day before Christmas as we requested. I would personally recommend their products.. they are very comfortable and very good quality!
sushma Vasantavada
Thank you thank you!! We received it in time. Much appreciated. Happy holidays!
Thank you for getting the BB chairs to me before Christmas. My grandchildren are going to love them. Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year!
It arrived!!!!!Thank you so much for your quick responses and we LOVE it. Happy Holidays
Thank you for your kind attention to this order. I received the chair this morning. Unfortunately, the black embroidery on the navy chair did not show up-not sure how I managed to order black! Your service has been very good and I really appreciate the quick responses when I had a query as to where the order might be! Yolande
Thank you for replying so quickly! Your excellent customer service is so refreshing& we love our beanbags !!
Thank you so much for getting this to us today. My son was so excited when he saw it arrive. You have made his day. Take care and happy holidays!
Already bought 4 great chairs. Now want to send one Kid's pear NAVY to Vancouver. ...We Love them
Hello. I received my order and loved it. I was wondering if you have another of the exact style in stock?
Yahoo! The second bean bag chair arrived just moments ago! Thanks so much for your prompt reply to my concerns today. I’ve peeked into both of the boxes and the fabric and name embroidery is beautiful.... look great, and the girls are going to love them. Can’t wait for Christmas!!
Cindy S
I received the covers yesterday and they look perfect. Thanks so much for sending me new ones, appreciate your great service.
You are the best! Team Canada ????????